To put things off for later is a bad thing. Especially so when it comes down to maintaining your vehicle. When you keep ignoring your vehicle and don’t give it tender love and care that it deserves then your vehicle is bound to express its anger in the shape of breakdowns.

Breakdowns and mounting maintenance not only puts physically stress you out but also puts burden on your pocket. One thing that causes it is bad driving habits of course but what really dents your car’s health is the lack of regular maintenance and checkups.

Although regular service appointments can seem expensive at the time, not taking care of your vehicle can end up costing you so much more down the road. So don’t put it off.

Fortunately, we can tell you a thing or two that will guarantee to help keep your vehicle roadworthy for a longer period of time.

First of all, we would highly recommend that you take a few minutes out every month and do a walk around your vehicle. You want to watch for anything that looks out of place. Look at you tires and try and spot anything that suggests uneven wear. Look for any dents or scratches that you think were not present earlier. Check your lights. See if they’re not burnt out.

Try to look for anything unusual that can cause your vehicle to misbehave. Lift the hood and check that everything looks in order. Make sure you check the hoses for anything unusual. If there is anything that looks suspicious then you can catch it early and have it fixed. Trust us, a few minutes’ walk around your car can save you a lot of money and hassle.

Speeding over train tracks can cause real damage to your wheels’ alignment. Make sure you reduce the speed when you’re crossing train tracks.

And if you need an experts advice, head over to Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda Service Centre for consultation.