Spring driving is in full effect, which means it’s time to hit the snow-free roads with a vengeance after the long winter. You should be excited about the new vehicles Mazda offers in its 2020 lineup, as well as the different ways you can buy them at Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda.

Let’s take a look at the Mazda Clubhouse to see some of the new vehicles available this year, as well as find the hottest deals.


Seasonal Discounts

Anybody looking for brand new Mazda SUVs or cars is wise to see our local dealership during its Shift into Spring sales event. Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda offers up to q $1,000 spring accessory credit, as well as an unlimited mileage warranty.

This is an amazing way to get a fantastic price on a brand new vehicle such as the 2020 Mazda3, now available with i-Activ AWD safety features. This system is able to read road conditions using advanced sensors and radars, and actually have the vehicle itself make adjustments automatically.

For example, if the system detects that a rainstorm is making roads slippery, the vehicle can send more torque to the back wheels as needed. Drive with effortless confidence and keep everybody on the road safer, from people in your car to everybody else using the roads.


Affordable Used Vehicles Built to Last

The Certified Pre-Owned Program is the best way to buy used Mazdas in Toronto because every single vehicle in the program has been inspected by a certified Mazda factory technician. This way, the very people who build these cars in the first place are relied on to confirm that yours is in great shape.

Our 160-point inspections are thorough, and will assuage any doubt you may have that everything is working as it should under the hood.

As the cost of living goes up, many people try to save on big-ticket purchases like a vehicle, but it’s not really saving money if you only get a discount because the car is not in good condition. Not only does Mazda inspect all the vehicles in the Certified Pre-Owned Program thoroughly, but every vehicle comes automatically with a 7-year/140,000 kilometre (whatever comes first) Limited Powertrain Warranty.

This covers the vehicle’s fundamentals, so you can drive comfortably throughout the country knowing you’ll be covered for any warranty-related repairs. You’ll also receive 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, so you won’t have to worry if you encounter a problem on the road, even if it isn’t the fault of the driver or Mazda’s. Still, the manufacturer will have your back.

The Certified Pre-Owned Program is an excellent way to get a popular vehicle like a Mazda3 or CX-5 from a relatively recent year. Models from the last few years allow you to use your Apple or Android smartphone in the vehicle safely and easily, and there are very sophisticated i-Activ AWD systems that can be purchased for a great deal.

For speed demons looking to hug turns on the highways, the Certified Pre-Owned Program is also a great way to buy a classic sports car, like the Miata MX-5.

Whatever auto needs you have this spring, visit your local Mazda dealership to see the beautiful new models created for 2020. You’ll fall in love with the improvements made to this year’s slate of vehicles. If you already love a model from a past year, the Certified Pre-Owned Program is the best way to get a reliable vehicle for less.