You’ve seen them cruising down the highway or the avenues and watched with silent admiration. Haven’t you always wanted a little red sports car of your own? Whether you want to pop the roof down as temperatures pop up, or drive another of Mazda’s famously sporty cars, Mazda offers beautiful vehicles you’ve always wanted to drive at prices you’ll love.

We’ve got something for everybody, so to glimpse our lineup of Mazda cars and learn more about what makes them so special, please read on.

The Classic Convertible —Miata  MX-5

Mazda’s MX-5 is the world’s top-selling roadster for a reason. When you feel the wind rush through your hair as this timeless two-seater devours turns on a gorgeous summer day, you’ll understand immediately how the car became so beloved around the world.

The weight distribution in the Miata’s design makes it incredibly responsive to the driver’s inputs — the front-rear balance needs to be felt to be believed. Even better, there are currently Mazda leasing specials you can take advantage of so you can find your dream car for less money than ever.

The Mazda3 Sport

You don’t need to put the top down to enjoy a sporty ride. The Mazda3 Sport is a great way to get the cargo and passenger space of a sedan with the handling and feel of a much racier car. The 2019 model has Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture that makes the cabin the quietest one Mazda has ever offered.

And this year’s model is also available with i-Activ All Wheel Drive, which will give you still greater control of your vehicle while offering an array of, particularly advanced safety features. As many as 200 sensors around the car can detect what the road conditions are like, and prepare the car accordingly.

Whether you’re driving downtown, on the highway, or along open country roads, you are going to be amazed when you’re behind the wheel of a Mazda3 Sport.

CX-5 Crossover SUV

The CX-5 is loved because of the way it combines ruggedness with grace, storage capacity with responsive handling.

New for 2019, the CX-5 Crossover SUV features a Skyactiv-G 2.5 Dynamic Pressure Turbo engine. You’ll be stunned to feel how peppy the engine is, especially because it’s been designed to give more power at lower RPMs without causing lag, something which unfortunately affects most other Turbocharged engines.

The new 2019 model also features Exhaust Gas Circulation technology, which supplies best-in-class torque while leaving the engine considerably more fuel efficient. The CX-5 offers everything at once —the speed, power and handling of a sporty car, and the ruggedness and storage capacity you expect from an SUV. It offers a range of modern safety features, too.

The weather is perfect for driving, and our dealership has a range of options for you, all at great prices. Why don’t you come down to Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda, and try taking out one of the cars you love for a test drive? After all, the only way to really know what it’s like to drive the cars that you read about or admire on the road is to get behind the wheel.