It almost feels like a tradition to start planning road trips as soon as the temperature drops. As we dive deep into summer, the time to sit back and relax is near. If you’re ready to make the best out of summer, but your car is having troubles, you might want to sort that out as soon as you can.

Whether you want to upgrade your car or gift your child a graduation present, various options are available. If you have financial constraints, don’t rule out the possibility of getting a new vehicle. You can sign a Mazda lease to ease your troubles. Here are some cars that you can consider for your summer activities.

Reliable Mazda CX 5

The Mazda CX 5 has a 4.5 out of 5.0 reliability rating, making it first place out of 26 midsize SUVs tested. When you pick a car for your summer activities, it will most likely have to do the heavy lifting to carry luggage, shopping bags, and of course, passengers. Since you may drive the vehicle for long hours, you need something reliable.

If you’re not comfortable spending a large amount of money on a new vehicle, look for used Mazda CX 5 cars. With the option to check the vehicle history through Carfax, you have nothing to worry about before your purchase. You can find out all about the car’s previous number of owners, accidents, and repairs.

Speedy Mazda CX 9

This crossover vehicle earned an Editors’ Choice award due to its near-luxury cabin trimmings, top-quality fit-and-finish, and spacious cabin. The car offers a Dynamic Pressure Turbo engine to navigate the roads quickly when needed. It’s an excellent choice for long drives with your friends.

The Mazda CX 9 is known for driver-assistance features such as cruise control, park assist, blind-spot monitor, and more. Along with possessing a powerful engine and refined exterior styling, the vehicle is also recognized for being safe, making it a suitable family car.

Luxurious Mazda CX 30

Along with other Mazda contenders, the Mazda CX30 also holds its ground. This vehicle also made it to the Editor’s Choice list due to its luxury interior trimmings and driving dynamics. It offers an i-Activ AWD system to enhance control of all road conditions. It uses a variety of sensors to monitor driving conditions frequently.

The exterior design is minimal and captivating, while the interior is human-centric, making it simple for the driver to find all controls within their reach.

How to Choose the Right Car

If the options above don’t seem like the right fit, don’t give up on your car hunt. Follow a few steps to ensure that you find the car most suitable for you.

  • Do some research to find all your potential options and shortlist them.
  • Speak to a specialist at the dealership for further advice on each vehicle’s functionality.
  • Think about your budget, monthly affordability, and insurance premium rates.
  • Take a test drive to see which car feels right.
  • Talk to your family and sign the contract when you’re ready!

Buying a car, especially for summer, is a thrilling activity. Ensure you know all about the vehicle you are about to purchase, and there will be no room for regrets!