Whether you’re on the open road or looking to purchase your next vehicle, Mazda does everything possible to keep you safe. In accordance with all the laws of Ontario relating to COVID-19, Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda has changed its services to ensure they are safe for everybody.

We have a huge selection of new Mazda cars with advanced safety technology that helps to protect drivers, passengers, and all road users. Let’s check out some of the best safety features in Mazdas 2020 vehicles, and how Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda keeps car buying safe.

i-Activsense Technology

Mazda’s suite of advanced safety technology is known as i-Activsense, which comprises of driver-assist features which make driving more comfortable, less stressful, and safer. Popular new vehicles like the Mazda3 and the CX-5 Crossover SUV are both loaded with i-Activsense features and used Mazda vehicles from recent years have older versions of the technology, which are still very sophisticated.

Blind Spot Monitoring helps drivers know if there’s a vehicle behind them but out of their field of vision. Drivers receive an alert on the appropriate side mirror. Changing lanes on the highway will be effortlessly safer.

Together, Smart Brake Support and Smart City Brake Support scan the road 200 metres ahead for other vehicles or objects. If the vehicle detects there’s a risk of a collision, it braces for a stop, and the brakes are applied automatically if the driver doesn’t take evasive action.

Whether you’re zooming down the open highway or you’re in urban bumper to bumper traffic with multiple kinds of road users, it’s easier to avoid collisions or, at the very least, reduce the severity of impact.

Social Distancing at the Dealership

As an essential service, Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda has been open to the public, but we’ve overhauled how we operate — here are some of the changes we’ve made to keep shopping for Mazda cars in Toronto safe for everyone.

When you visit the dealership, expect enhanced social distancing measures between you and all staff. Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda has a limit on how many people can be inside the dealership at the same time.

Also, our dealership has modified hours and reduced staff on hand, so call (888) 263-5389 to contact Sales or (866) 368-5477 for Service to arrange a time to visit the dealership.

What We Ask of Customers

To help keep our staff and our community safe, we ask that customers refrain from visiting the dealership if they feel unwell or have had contact with people who feel unwell within the past fourteen days.

In keeping with the Public Health Agency of Canada’s recommendations, please don’t visit our dealership if you have been out of the country in the past two weeks. We ask that you use sanitizer upon arrival and before you leave the dealership.

Mazda has done all it can to ensure the safety of road users and customers. The i-Activsense of safety features is designed to make safety as automated and effortless. But COVID-19 is a different type of challenge, in that we all need to be mindful about how to keep safe. Between the advanced safety tech in our vehicles and the shared commitment we all feel towards each other’s health, Mazda is all about keeping you safe.