Concentrate. Concentrate hard. Stay in command of the wheels. Keep your eyes on the road. Looking at something in the side mirrors? Is it obscured? You can’t get the full view? Tilt to your left. Is it in view now? BANG! By the time you finish reading these sentences and your concentration steers off in the wrong direction, it only takes that much time to disrupt your attention and something unlikely is waiting in the wings to transpire.
By careful. Be very careful. Stay vigilant. All the time. When you’re on the road, you have to keep reminding yourself to be sharp and attentive. All the time. It only takes a second or two you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to be.
So what is really being reckless on the road? What are the things that come to your mind when you think about reckless driving? Is it just teenagers who’re too enthusiastic to put themselves in harm’s way? Or is it someone driving under the influence after having one too many? Or is it that big Hollywood superstar or a pop sensation who’s too buzzed to stay in control of the wheel?
Of course these are some of the examples but certainly are not the only examples. You’d rarely find someone nowadays who can safely claim that they’ve never driven recklessly. How many times you’ve tried to read or answer a text message while driving? Did your baby cry in the car and you tried to comfort her during your turn at the wheel? Trust us, even if you think that you’re a safe driver, all of us have been driving less safely at times with these and other distractions.
Everybody cares for their children and so do you, but remember, your children are only safe while you’re driving when you have your full concentration on the road and you’re taking all safety measures in to account. There are many ways in which you can ensure your safety and that of your children while on the road.
Keeping your focus on the vehicle in front of you is obviously mandatory but you have to remember to keep a check on the road ahead of it. It helps you stay prepared for anything that comes. That way you can calculate the situation better be better ready to handle anything unfortunate.
Don’t slam your breaks. It can put your car in a spin. And you’d certainly not want that. The safest way to apply breaks is to gently first lift your foot off the gas paddle, steer clear of the way, and then gently place your foot back onto the gas.
Roadside distractions. Yes. Staring at things that catch your attention while driving is no good. If you do come across something that manages to catch your attention, try not to stare at it, and if you must, then just glance at it and then put your eyes back on the road.
Don’t try and eat or drink at the same time as driving. Not advisable at all. Don’t play loud music or try and up or down the volume unnecessarily. A split second of you going down to turn the volume up and you’re up against an unlikely situation.
Don’t try and strain too much on something that is obscured from your full view. Always stay mindful and avoid trying to get the full view of something that is not as important for you. If you keep all these precautions in your mind while driving you will always have a safe journey.
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