When you’re browsing through cars, figuring out which one to purchase, there are many things to consider – from the size to fuel consumption and safety. What if there was a feature that could help you go on an adventure, but you had no idea?

The Mazda CX 5 comes with an exciting surprise! It’s like opening up a McDonald’s happy meal to find a toy you had no idea would come with it! The CX 5 offers an off-rode mode in the i-Activ all-wheel-drive (AWD) system. If you’ve been waiting to take your car deep inside a forest trail and enjoy the wilderness or drive off on a muddling spree, the CX 5’s got you covered!

Unlocking Off-Road Mode

When you’re ready to get behind the wheel and start your wild journey, you will have to turn on Mazda’s traction assist in unlocking off-road mode. The i-Activ AWD controls the front/rear torque split so perfectly that the vehicle doesn’t require a special off-road mode.

The advanced i-Activ AWD can sense uneven paths and lock the toque coupling to enable the front and rear wheels to move at the same speed. It will also automatically adjust when one wheel needs to go fast than the other.

Figuring out the AWD control system is your key role. Use less torque and reasonable force when conditions are slippery, and front tires lose grip. If the roads are grippy, you have to use too much, impacting the fuel economy and handling.Credit: Victoria Palacios Via Unsplash

Unfortunately, the vehicle alone can’t always complete the tasks. The driver has to predict what torque split is required before they can lose traction. Once you’ve got the AWD system all figured out, off-roading will become a piece of cake. Driving a Mazda in Canada can be highly rewarding due to the ample places one can visit.

No Compromise in Performance

Driving on local roads and highways might become so boring that everyone in your car is asleep while you’re chugging several cups of coffee to keep yourself awake. When you’re going off-roading, it is unlikely that people are going to be asleep. Entertainment options such as the Apple CarPlay and the thrill of driving through forests will keep everyone up.

Luckily, the off-road feature does not impact the performance of the vehicle in any way. Owners of 2021 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring, Grand Touring Reserve, and Signature trims can also enjoy this feature.

Built to Survive Rough Terrain

When you’re planning an off-roading trip, you’ll need a sturdy wheel to handle all types of terrain, which the Mazda CX 5 offers. You can enjoy G-Vectoring Control Plus, a feature that reduces the amount of corrective steering you have to do, allowing you to have a smoother ride and help the vehicle remain stable on rough terrain.

In addition, the Hill Launch Assist assists your SUV to climb when the roads are too steep. How great would it be if we had that option during a hike when we have to climb up steep areas with our feet?

If the thought of going off-roading in the wilderness to make memories of a lifetime is giving you an adrenaline rush, it might be time to head to Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda. You don’t have to stress over the expenses as Mazda finance exists to ease your mind. Make the best of the season by packing your bags and heading out to see some natural beauty.