Around the world, Crossover SUVs are extremely popular for the way they combine an SUV’s ruggedness and the pep and fleet-footedness of a sedan. The new Mazda CX-30 is more like a mix between a Crossover SUV and the Mazad3, as it has the sedan’s feel and sensibility but in a raised platform.

For those looking to find the virtues of an SUV and a sedan in one affordably priced vehicle, the CX-30 is for you. Let’s look more now at the features inside Mazda’s most compact SUV.

Smart and Modern Safety

The available i-Activ All-Wheel Drive system makes the CX-30 smart enough to safely handle whatever conditions drivers may encounter on Canadian roads. In the summer, loose gravel on back roads can be as slippery as a rainstorm or an ice slick.

The i-Activ AWD uses sensors throughout the vehicle to read things like road conditions and even outdoor temperature in real-time, then helps the vehicle to adjust accordingly. For example, if a back wheel needs more torque because there’s slippage caused by rain, the AWD will send more power to just the right tire at just the moment it’s needed.

Plus, the system’s ability to send the extra punch just when needed reduces fuel consumption, normally a notorious problem for All Wheel Drive vehicles.

The i-Activsense features help the driver effortlessly maintain an awareness of other vehicles and objects on the road. If the vehicle is at risk of a collision, the driver will receive an automatic alert. If no corrective action is taken and a collision is imminent and unavoidable, the vehicle will apply the brakes automatically.

This makes driving not just safer for everyone in the vehicle as well as all road users. It also makes the process less stressful and more comfortable. Visit a dealership you can trust to get the best service possible, as well as some of the most flexible financing rates.

Practical and Spacious

The CX-30 has ample space for all your passengers and all your cargo. The leg-room and trunk capacity is generous, yet the vehicle’s body is designed so that it can adeptly navigate bustling downtown roads.

Whether you’re transporting people or a trunk full of groceries, you won’t have to worry about space when you’re driving a CX-30. Visit our new model showroom to see the CX-30, as well as other new Mazdas.

Stay Connected

The CX-30 is designed so that it’s easy to sync up your Apple or Android smartphone safely while behind the wheel. The 8.8” centre display is operated by the HMI Commander control with a “rotate and push” design system that feels natural and intuitive.

When you need to stay connected to your messages, emails, phone calls, navigation tools and your music, it’s easy to do it when you’re in a CX-30.

Drivers today want a vehicle that has it all: a peppy engine, a practical amount of cargo space, ruggedness, and lots of smart tech for safety and entertainment. The CX-30 combines all of this in a beautiful compact SUV you’ll love having for years to come, so visit Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda to test drive one today.