If you are planning to buy a new car then keep in mind that test drive is the most important step before shopping for a new vehicle. It’s just like a relationship you build with people; you get along with some of them because you get a chance to know them inside out. Similarly, you are making a long term relationship with your car. It’s not a thing that’s disposable and certainly not something you purchase  after every few days. You will be driving your new car for at least 3 years on an average  (1095 days… wow!), so it is important for you to be comfortable with the feel and drive your new car offers you. It’s always a wise choice to get behind the wheel of a car than spending thousands of dollars on vehicles that you’ve never taken on the road. Few things that you should consider when test driving a car are:

1) Before buying a car you should know what you want in your car. Do a little bit of research. Get together a list of items and features you think should be present in your vehicle. Narrow down your list to the main items and then move on to the test drive.

2) So you get to the dealership for the test drive. Now choose the vehicle and get into it. Don’t start the engine immediately. No it won’t bite, it’s just you should sit in the car for few minutes and feel it. If you are comfortable, driving seat is perfect for your body frame, you’re getting in and coming out of the car without any problem, the visibility of the mirror is OK, the size of the vehicle is perfect for your family then go ahead. You may also need to check the storage area if it’s large enough to store the necessary items. If you are completely satisfied with everything then you can go ahead for the test drive.

3) When you take the vehicle out on the road, try to put yourself in situations that you face every day. If you normally drive in rush hours, try driving in rush hours. If you drive on difficult twisty roads, make sure to drive on somewhat similar routes.  It’s an important purchase, take your time and choose the best.

New car is actually an investment, do it with open eyes and mind. Make sure you purchase what you want to purchase!