The pandemic took a toll on people and businesses all around the globe, and things were no different for Mazda. When people lost jobs and finances became limited, a car purchase was one of the last things on a person’s mind.

Fortunately, we managed to make it through the slope with the unique  Mazda Canada promotions we offered our customers. Our dealership prioritized customers and their needs despite the uncertain conditions. In addition to the affordable pricing, here are some ways that Mazda survived the pandemic.

Investment in Innovation

Mazda managed to create unique vehicles with the help of research and technology. Some innovations helped Mazda survive for a long time before the pandemic started. However, these advancements enabled Mazda to take things up a notch and continue to stun its customers.

Mazda has developed vastly over the years by accepting manufacturing challenges and creating different types of vehicles for families or sports use. One of the features that helped Mazda is the Skyactiv technology that increases fuel efficiency and engine output.

Upgraded Features

In addition to innovations, Mazda also upgraded its current features. For example, the Mazda 3 AWD includes the iActiv AWD. This on-demand system allows the driver to have more control over safety as the feature has sensors to check road conditions every 200 seconds. The system enables the driver to respond to road conditions and stay safe on the road.

Some new Mazda models feature a luxurious human-centric interior for enhanced interaction with controls conveniently located. In addition, the sound system and infotainment systems are also major plus points.

Award-Winning Vehicles

The Mazda 3 was a car of the year finalist earlier this year and took home the Automobile Journalists of Canada (AJAC) 2021 Canadian Car of the Year award. The award proves that Mazda pays attention to detail and creates vehicles intending to be successful.

Journalists chose the winner based on Mazda 3’s recent upgrades that made the vehicle stand out in the crowd. Mazda managed to uphold its reputation from the iActiv system to the designs, even during the pandemic.

Attention to Sustainability

Mazda has been working on redesigning its vehicles to protect the environment. Mazda has been making several changes with a target to reduce its well-to-wheel emissions by 90% by 2050. The Skactiv technology plays a significant role in this goal as it reduces vehicle weight, improving fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, and driving performance.

By attempting to reduce its carbon footprint, Mazda aims to provide a multi-solution approach. Mazda took various steps to reduce direct landfill waste from hybrid vehicles to harnessing wasted energy from braking to improving fuel efficiency. In addition, the company also developed plant-derived bioplastics to build engine parts such as the radiator tank.

The pandemic was challenging for many, and it impacted the global economy, resulting in business losses and the reduction of jobs in several corners of the world. Mazda took that time to develop vehicles that people are interested in and used a customer-first approach to stay connected with its well-wishers. At Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda, our goal was to ensure that our current and potential customers remain satisfied with their car purchases.