Crossover Sports Utility Vehicles are currently extremely popular, and their versatility has a lot to do with it. Mazda’s CX-5 is a best-seller designed to smoothly navigate the densest urban downtowns to unpredictable rural roads in adverse conditions.


Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda is your local Mazda dealership offering great rates on many new and used vehicles, including different trims of the CX-5 as well as choice of models from different years. Read on to learn how the CX-5 will keep you driving safely and confidently in any road condition this winter.


The Perfect Downtown Vehicle

The CX-5 has a slate of high-tech features which help make you and everybody on the road safer. The suite of i-Activesense features are a perfect example.


For instance, the Smart City Brake Support enables the vehicle to scan when there’s a risk of a collision with another vehicle or object, and then works to reduce this risk. No less than 27 sensors scan the road 200 times a second.


If it detects another vehicle or a pedestrian is present, the brake pads will be adjusted automatically and moved closer to the disc to allow for a safe stop. If no action is taken, the brakes will be applied automatically.


With available pedestrian detection, the CX-5 can help you drive confidently through densely populated areas in all seasons, even when the roads are slippery and visibility is reduced. With a compact design, considerable storage capacity and its smart and stylish aesthetics, the CX-5 is a perfect vehicle for downtown. Visit us today for the latest Mazda deals on this year’s CX-5, as well as on older models offered in the Certified Pre-Owned Program.


Drive Safely on Highways and Beyond

When you’re leaving downtown, you’ll eventually have to pass big trucks on the highway or encounter roads that aren’t particularly new or smooth. Still, the CX-5 has what it takes to make driving safe.


The G-Vectoring Control is a system running through the CX-5 which works behind the scenes to give you torque when needed, and make the driving feel extremely responsive to every intention you have behind the wheel. If you’re looking to pass a truck on the highway when it’s snowing out, the CX-5 can sense if the back wheels could use more torque, and will supply the boost just at the moment it’s needed.


This not only helps you pass trucks safely on the highway, it does so in a way that is particularly fuel efficient. Unlike most All Wheel Drive systems, the CX-5 has a particularly evolved system that only gives you the fuel boost when it’s strictly necessary, so as not to waste fuel.


Plus, the vehicle senses not only road conditions, but outdoor temperatures. When the temperature dips, the vehicle understands that braking patterns also need to change. That’s why the CX-5 is so responsive. It anticipates your intention to make safe driving absolutely effortless.


Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda has a range of Mazdas for sale including new and used CX-5s, so you can get the latest model with all the updated features or a great price on one from a recent year. Whichever you choose, you’ll be getting a vehicle that’s perfect for crossing through busiest downtowns to traversing the wilder road conditions outside the city.