Expect the unexpected, it’s said many-a-times and this theory is true for the situations when you are on the road, driving your vehicle and something unexpected happens. You should always be ready for unexpected emergency situations.

You’re travelling from one place to another, on a road trip or fulfilling your daily responsibilities, you need to be alert and be prepared for your car to break down unexpectedly. This is something that can happen for many reasons ranging from bad weather to worse traffic conditions.

Imagine your car has run out of gas or broke down and you’re just standing on the road side helplessly. You would never want to be in this situation! To tackle with these kinds of situations, the most important and useful thing is an emergency kit. It’s certainly a life saver! This kit contains different things to handle different type of emergencies and weather conditions. For example, in cold weather your kit should contain a shovel, scraper and snowbrush, warm blanket, extra shoes, clothes and boots.

The basic purpose of this kit is to take you out of difficult situations and that’s the reason your kit should contain flashlight, roadmaps, candle, match box, phone charger (If power is available) and something that could draw other people’s attention to you such as a whistle.

Food items could also be stored in your kit, but remember to go for some instant food, and dry items such as energy bars, nuts, other canned food and water also.

Apart from the above mentioned things, there’s a list of items particularly for your car including windshield fluid & antifreeze, a tow rope, jumper cables, sand or salt, a fire extinguisher and a warning light. You can also carry a spare tire and a phone number for roadside assistance.

This life saving kit can facilitate you to come out of worst situations and help you reach home safely and quickly.