Everybody waits for summer, especially families, as summer is the time when many are planning to travel. This season is particularly enjoyable if you are making memories with your family and kids. But did you know, in our neighbouring United States, according to their National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, three out of four car seats are incorrectly installed.

When it comes down to children safety in particular, it’s a combination of driving skills and a properly installed car seat that can reduce injury. There are some vital safety tips for travelling with children that you must follow so you can be assured that your journey would be safe.

Mazda vehicles are equipped with ISOFIX Child Seat Anchor. The ISOFIX compliant childseat attachment point makes it easier to securely install a childseat by pushing the connector mounted underneath the child seat into the attachment point on the vehicle side. In addition, top tether anchorage and a pivot link structure (which mitigates impact) are incorporated to minimize the amount the child is thrown forward, offering a higher level of safety performance.

Further, Inch and Pinch Test is something that is recommended before you embark. It’s pretty simple. Pinch the car seat strap near your child’s shoulder and if you’re able to grasp a pinch in the fabric then it must be tightened accordingly. Secondly, grab the car seat from the back and bottom; now try pulling it from side to side and also back and forth. By performing it, if you feel that the seat is moving more than an inch then you know it needs to be adjusted properly.

You might not notice it but child’s car seat can get really hot on an extremely hot summer day. You’ve got to start your vehicle, turn the air condition on and let it run for a while. Another test to check how hot it is inside your car is by touching the seat buckles and levers and if it burns your fingers then it’s obviously too hot for your child too.

You have a lot of luggage when you’re heading out on vacation, from suitcases to coolers. You’ve got to make sure that they are all properly secured. When a vehicle is on the road, unfortunate incidents can happen and in this case any item that is not secured can become extremely dangerous in case of a collision.

Some families rent cars when heading out but try not to rent a car seat. It’s better if you purchase a top quality car seat and take it with you.

One last thing, you’ve got to understand thoroughly the kind of vehicle you’re driving. If you are driving a minivan, it won’t handle like a sports car. You’ve got to be able to understand how much weight the wheels are carrying. You must know the capability of your vehicle and how much stress your engine is able to cope with. And always remember that over speeding is not worth it and is the single most devastating violation of safety on the road.