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When you need a new car, it doesn’t mean you have to pay new car prices. In fact, more used cars are sold in Canada every year than new, which is why at Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda, we also sell us...Read More

Mazda is a great vehicle when you want to buy a car that you can keep running for years to come. As a long-term purchase, it’s favoured by economical drivers who want something that’s fun to d...Read More

As a young family in Toronto, you may have noticed that your old car isn’t quite made out for family life – or you’ve never even owned your own before. When you’re single in the city, it...Read More

Leasing is often an effective way to enter the car market with a new vehicle, but it also means that you don’t get any equity out of your car – equity that can be used as collateral or even ju...Read More

Summer is many drivers’ favourite time to research new cars and fantasize about hitting the open road in a new set of wheels. It’s a great season for taking test drives, and with an abundance ...Read More

It’s time to buy a new car, but you’re looking on a budget – your old one is well past its prime, you’re young and looking to buy for the first time, or you’ve just bought a new house in...Read More