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Mazda has always prided itself on building vehicles that evoke fluidity and handle turns with grace and responsiveness. In the last few years, Mazda has made significant improvements to its powert...Read More

When you own a car, nothing will give you peace of mind like a long and comprehensive warranty. You want to simply lean into turns and enjoy driving without having a voice in the back of your head...Read More

No matter what’s going on in the world, people have places they need to go. The grocery store, doctor appointments, and other essential trips are required, and they need to be safe. Whether you...Read More

Mazda believes our cars are fantastic, and we’re not the only ones. For 2021, the Automobile Journalists of Canada (AJAC) has named the Mazda3 as one of three finalists in the Best Mid-Size Car ...Read More

The importance of safety cannot be overlooked when picking out a new vehicle. How can drivers be assured that the car they’re buying is truly safe? Most modern vehicles offer some type of advanc...Read More

Buying a car is always a major decision, but selecting the right used car involves weighing different factors than buying a new one. You’re not just picking a model or trim — you need to ident...Read More