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You’ve been leasing your vehicle for 3 to 6 years and your lease is up. It’s proven to be a reliable car and you’re reluctant to let go of it, so you’re thinking about buying after leasing...Read More

Normal 0 false false false EN-CA JA X-NONE. With the holidays over and the snow piled high across the Greater Toronto Area, buying a new car might not be at the top of Canadians’ minds. B...Read More


To put things off for later is a bad thing. Especially so when it comes down to maintaining your vehicle. When you keep ignoring your vehicle and don’t give it tender love and care that it deser...Read More


Everybody waits for summer, especially families, as summer is the time when many are planning to travel. This season is particularly enjoyable if you are making memories with your family and kids....Read More


Concentrate. Concentrate hard. Stay in command of the wheels. Keep your eyes on the road. Looking at something in the side mirrors? Is it obscured? You can’t get the full view? Tilt to your left...Read More

Computers could be considered legal drivers of vehicles. Yes. And that’s according to the United States’ National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Hence we can safely say that dri...Read More