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The auto industry has seen rapid growth in the last 5 years. Take for instance the navigation system, it was incredibly expensive and now it’s rudimentary. But the progress in the last 5 years i...Read More

It’s a great opportunity for all the automotive enthusiasts to be inspired by the glam and grandeur of country’s largest expo showcasing different vehicles including cars, trucks, concepts, cl...Read More

If you are planning to buy a new car then keep in mind that test drive is the most important step before shopping for a new vehicle. It’s just like a relationship you build with people; you get ...Read More


Expect the unexpected, it’s said many-a-times and this theory is true for the situations when you are on the road, driving your vehicle and something unexpected happens. You should always be rea...Read More


Whether you’re pedal to the metal on an open road or maneuvering your Mazda around a difficult corner, the thrill you feel when you’re behind the wheel is like nothing else. Driving tests our ...Read More

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