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Drivers develop a special closeness with their vehicle, which makes sense given how much time we spend in them and how hard we rely on them to get us places. That’s why it’s important for car ...Read More

Sure, it may not be ideal to drive when the roads are covered in snow or ice, but life doesn’t stop just because it’s winter! We still have to commute to work, finish our errands, and visit fr...Read More

If you need a new vehicle this winter, Mazda’s fleet can meet a very wide range of needs, wants and budgets. Here at our dealership, we stock a vast selection of everything from brand new 2020 M...Read More

The Canadian winter is not very friendly to drivers, with snowy and icy roads. But people still have places to be, and we can’t put a pause on life for the weather.   Many people are turnin...Read More

The cheer of the holiday season is over, and what we’re left with for a few months is the drab and cold winter — it may be dark and cold outside, but take cheer: there are amazing deals to be ...Read More

Crossover Sports Utility Vehicles are currently extremely popular, and their versatility has a lot to do with it. Mazda’s CX-5 is a best-seller designed to smoothly navigate the densest urban do...Read More

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