You put in long hours at work, you do your best to save for a rainy day, your kid’s college fund, or a down payment on a house, and you take pride in your financial responsibility. You want to buy a new car, but you’ve got a strict budget in mind and you don’t want to compromise your ability to save for the future. You deserve to be able to drive away in a car you love at a price you can afford.

We’re proud to sell Mazda at Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda, because Mazda is well-known for building fun, practical cars at affordable prices. Mazda consistently tops studies of best value automobiles, offering better performance, safety, and fuel consumption at a lower price. You might say Mazda delivers more bang for your buck, so we’re happy to be an award-winning Toronto Mazda dealershipcommitted to getting more Toronto drivers into Mazda cars and helping them save.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than making happy customers, and that means saving them money, too. That’s why we always have great monthly deals on Mazdas from great financing rates to sticker price discounts to specials on service and maintenance like winter tires. There are also a few tips out there that can make you a savvy car buyer and stick to a strict budget the next time you visit us at Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda.

#1 Trade In

We accept trade ins at Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda: all makes, models, and years. Trading in your vehicle with the dealer helps offset the costs of your new purchase and it can give you some elbow room in terms of features. You can also sell your old car on your own, but trading it in at the dealer relieves you of all the time and energy it takes, not to mention you don’t have to take the risk of strangers test driving your car.

 #2 Buy Used

 Buying used is the most effective way to save money when you buy a car, and we have a huge selection of used Mazdas available. One of the major concerns many drivers have about buying a used Mazda is that they worry the costs and inconvenience of maintaining and repairing and older vehicle will eat up their savings, and their sanity. While it’s true that an older vehicle will require more maintenance than a new one, you can also consider a certified pre owned Mazda – a Mazda returned from a lease that’s been thoroughly inspected and comes with a warranty.

 #3 Know Your Number

 Know your number – the amount of money you have to put down right away and your maximum monthly payment. Knowing that will change everything about the way you shop for an automobile, and it helps us find what’s in your budget. When you calculate your number, don’t forget to factor interest payments.

Budgeting is important to you, and that’s why we take it seriously when our customers want to save money. Stop by our dealership and see what kind of great Mazda cars in Toronto we can fit to your budget.